The Registration page allows the registration of a new user. The calendar icon can be clicked to open a calendar for date of birth selecton. The Username, Password, Confirm Password, User Type, Student ID, First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone numer, Date of Birth, Class and Section fields are required. The Gender, Ethnicity, Student Status and Relationship Status fields are not required, but it is recommended that these fields are filled in. They are used for showing experiments that are appropriate for you. If the demographic information is not submitted, you will not be shown experiments with demographic restrictions.

Input for each field is required to be in the proper format:

  • Username: May only contain letters and numbers.
  • Password: Must be 8 or more characters in length
  • Confirm Password: Must match the "New Password" field
  • Student ID(your 800 number): May only contain numbers and must be nine digits in length
  • First Name:May only contain letters
  • Last Name: May only contain letters
  • Email: Must be in the form
  • Phone number: May only contain numbers and must be in the form ###-###-####
  • Date of Birth: May only contain numbers and must be in the form mm/dd/yyyy

Once the required fields are filled in, click the "Submit" button to complete registration, or click the "Cancel" button to cancel registration.